Big game hunting is back in Zambia

The lack of income from big game hunting like elephant hunting is the reason why the ban will be lifted.

The ban on big game hunting had a negative impact on the local communities that depend on wildlife for sustenance, said Minister of Tourism and Arts Jean Kapata at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday.
Ms Kapata said while most people had switched to less volatile land uses like agriculture, the ban had led to more encroachment, destruction and fragmentation of wildlife habitat.

“It must be borne in mind that the reduction of operational income to ZAWA arising from the prolonged suspension of hunting has put a strain on the government that has had to supplement ZAWA’s shortfall in revenue,” she said to Zambia Daily Mail.

The hunt in Zambia is conducted in some of the 35 Game Management Areas (GMAs) there is set aside principally to serve as buffer zones around the National Parks.
Next year there will again be big game hunting in those 19 GMAs where the hunt was suspended in 2013 due to inability to select outfitters in these blocks arising from a flawed tender process.
Ms Kapata explained that a quota setting roadmap shall be adhered to and quotas shall be revised by ZAWA by the middle of December each year for the following year’s hunt.

Only the big cats are not on the hunting menu. The minister said the suspension of cat hunting shall remain in force until a survey to ascertain their sustainability is conducted.

Trophy export.
This year CITES only allow export of elephant trophy’s from Cameroon, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The last elephant quota for elephant trophy export from Zambia was 80 back in 2012.